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Pepe Cones Small 7 – 12cm pack

Pepe Cones Small 7 – 12cm pack


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Pepe Cone bleached packet 7-12cm

There is hardly any decorative material, which is as simple, effective and soothing in every room as this Pepe cone bleached. This decorative driftwood is also called Pepe Cone or Driftwood and is incredibly popular as decor-confetti. The driftwood can be easily distributed in a decorative summer bowl, on the garden table or in flower pots – especially in combination with cacti, succulents or summer spices such as sage, oregano or thyme, this results in a Mediterranean style paradise!

But the beautiful bleached root pieces are not only great for decorating, but also for crafting. With a little craft wire, natural bast or jute tape, you can always implement new creations and transform your home, garden and balcony with new, eye-catching containers and arrangements into a summer Eldorado. In our online shop, we offer a variety of great natural tapes and wires for exactly these natural products for crafting – have a look around!

Pepe cones are made of bleached wood and are lightweight. The individual root pieces are approximately between 7 – 12cm long and each has an opening at one end. So you have the opportunity to create wonderful arrangements with these roots of deco. That is why the Pepe cone is so popular in mourning floristry and dry floristry. But also your flower vases, table runner and the buffet table benefit from the holiday flair of these great deco roots!

Please note: This is a natural product! This means that the product is subject to natural fluctuations and thus may differ in shape, color, size, width, length, and diameter of the specified dimensions!

Size: about 7-12cm
Material: wood
Colour: bleached


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