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Preserved Rose Box of 21 Manta

Preserved Rose Box of 21 Manta


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Preserved Rose Box of 21 Manta

Preserved REAL roses are dyed with non toxic dyes.   3 cm diameter.

AS these are REAL flowers, no two flowers will be the same. These feel just like a fresh flower, only they are preserved, so they will not wilt, as a fresh flower would.

Each rose has little or no stem, so we recommend wiring and taping these flowers.

Do not store in direct sunlight.

Roses can become moist in humidity (if this happens place in a container with drying agent such as a desiccant sachet and they will dry)

1.Is the Preserved Flower Real Natural flower?
Our preserved flower performs coloration internally by replacing the cells, using the cosmetics raw material, which is secure and non-toxic. Nature source, but beyond nature

2.Is the Preserved Flower Real Natural flower?
Yes. Our preserved flower is made from natural superior fresh flowers, processing by a particular technology. Preserved flowers not only keep the softness and morphology as fresh flowers but maintain their fadeless appearance for 3 – 5 years as usual. It palys the same tactile appeal and quality feel as well as the fresh flower, makes no difference with fresh flower by visual and tactility.

3. How long would the Preserved Flower preserve?
The preserved time is varied by different environmental conditions.
The preserved time would be shorter for 1 to 3 years if place in a very damp or exposed environment.
We have made a test of the preserved flower staying in the natural environment, it can be preserved 3 to 5 years, if stored in sealed condition, it can be preserved over 10 years.


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