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Keita Stickrope Green 20m roll

Keita Stickrope Green 20m roll


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The stickropes got their name probably by the fact, that the threads are sticking to each other and to any object you want to bind together!

It is beeswax, which makes this possible, the threads are thoroughly covered in colored wax.

Binding bouquets got so much easier! You can tie without the thread loosening up while binding! Twigs, wonderful to tie with the stickrope! Slippery bamboo: finally easy to connect. And glass tubes: they magically do not slip away anymore!


We offer the ropes in green and brown right now, there is a natural beige color, too, which will come later in the year.

One roll has 20m of waxed stickrope, that keeps quite a while and shows best results in cost performance.


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